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                A spirit of enterprise

                Peng dream

                Peng, also known as "new", "dapeng bird", a kind of legend far birds, in the zhuangzi, unfettered, is "a whirlwind and nine miles" by day dapeng, dream means, continue to fly, the future.

                Peng is dreamer: peng, a person with youth, exciting, struggle up feelings, believes that making a first-class ceramic brand enterprise dream, unity, hard to fly the commitments.

                Peng is the dream man: peng people adhering to the "based on home" design concept, is committed to the Chinese consumers achieve dream homes and provide quality products and service, make home really mind where in the end.



                Brand meaning

                "Peng" - the dream

                Continue to fly, unremitting pursue, for home, for the dream fly.

                "Nuo" -- keep a dream

                Real life is easy to get lost in the city, peng, tile along the life road for you watch dream, give you a heart to return home. When the dream can take off, when the passion never faded, wings of life can always surprises with wings!



                Set out for home, for the dream fly

                "Home" : to strive hard for the family in the city, flying ideal, let hope, would like to bear the responsibility of the heart, fight the sky to fly upwards.

                "To dream and fly" : in order to dream in the heart, in order to dream homes, like dapeng, plug in struggle of wings, wings, soar.

                Second, the enterprise image

                Enterprise VI (LOGO) (" green "elements, representing the peng's brand culture of" healthy "the concept of" vitality ".)


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